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With the lifting of lockdown restrictions, many leisure centres find themselves reopening. With these leisure centres, there are a variety of different insurance policies they could need and it can be tricky to know exactly which. Today, we’ll go over exactly what leisure centre insurance you could need.

What kinds of insurance could I need?

As stated previously, leisure centres require a variety of insurance. To name just a few, they could need public and employer liability insurance, equipment insurance, or even property insurance. But, what exactly do these insurances do?

Public and Employer Liability insurance

Employer liability and public liability help to cover you against any injuries that could occur on your premises. Public liability is especially important when you consider how many members of the public will be on your premises. Further, it’s quite common for injuries to occur in a leisure centre. There can be wet floors, or equipment left in incorrect places that could be trip hazards. It’s very easy for someone, employee or public, to say you are at fault. Hence, you have to make sure that you’re prepared for any circumstance.

Equipment insurance

Undoubtedly, you are going to have a large amount of equipment stored on your premises. With the amount of use your equipment will see, there is an incredibly high chance of damage to it. You need cover against damage to this equipment. It could be extremely expensive and you might not be able to afford more if it’s not covered. Equipment insurance can help save you this cost.

Property Insurance

Owning your business’ property can be very difficult in terms of insurance. Many things can happen; earthquakes, floods, burst pipes, or even vandalism. Because all of these occurrences are unforeseeable and could cause damage to your place of work, you need to have property insurance.

How we can help

Here at Trevellyan we have a huge amount of experience in helping people with their insurance. If you’re looking to get the above insurance, you might want to look into our commercial combined insurance policies. Commercial combined insurance helps to cover many of these other insurances and more.

Re-opening you might find yourself without leisure centre insurance, or with suboptimal insurance. We want to make dealing with any problems as easy as possible, leaving you worry free. If you need a quote, you can contact us at 0207 537 6603

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