I’m a painter and decorator, what insurance do I need?

Painter and Decorators Insurance

Being a painter and decorator categorises as a lower-risk profession. Although, you will still be working with heights and be exposed to other risks. It is very important to consider the correct insurance cover. It can protect you and your employees from everyday risks you face in the line of work.

Pubic liability insurance

Ever thought about why public liability is needed? It’s the most important insurance you should consider as a painter and decorator.

Public liability is designed to protect you against events of property damage or injury to another person as a result of your work. Whoever it affects may choose to sue you for damages in relation to the accident and if so this could be extremely costly.

Employers’ liability insurance

If the business has employees, then you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. This ensures that you are financially covered if an employee receives an injury or suffers from any medical conditions because of work. Employers’ liability insurance is needed when having volunteers, friends, trainees, part-time staff and some sub-contractors.

Certain types of cover including employers’ liability insurance or public liability insurance are legally required. Or else could lead to a serious fine or legal action against you.

Van insurance

You are likely to use a work van to travel to your clients’ homes and businesses. There are several different levels of van insurance you can choose from such as comprehensive insurance, third party fire and theft or just third party only covering tradesmen liability insurance.

Tools and Equipment insurance

It’s worth looking into tools and equipment insurance if you’re using expensive or special tools. The insurance claim will cover the value of the equipment in case your tools are lost, damaged or stolen. It’s a good idea to know the value of your equipment you use and how much it costs to replace them.

How we can help!

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