Insurance Polices You Should Consider for Your Business

Thinking about insurance

Different insurance policies can provide security cover for you and your business. Ensuring that your business is covered in all areas, regardless of whether you run a cafe or an office, is crucial. But do you know the types of insurance you need to consider? Here are the different types of policies you should be considering for your business.

Professional Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Professional insurance types cover both the services offered and workers, often categorised into pubic liability and professional indemnity. Public liability covers the business against injury and damage claims made against you or your employees. Whilst professional indemnity insurance protects against the financial loss during a claim in which the client deems the service provided to be substandard.


Employee Insurance

After considering your professional policies, it is essential for you to consider your employees. For example what if your employees get injured while on the work premises? Looking after you  Businesses with employees should take out worker’s compensation insurances. Depending on your policy this can help to cover the costs associated with employee sickness or work-related injury such as lost wages and may provide protection if an employee decides to take legal action.

Building Insurance

Housing Increase

After considering professional and worker’s aspects, you should now be thinking about the building(s) your business operates from. Contents insurance cover the loss and theft of personal belonging in the home; stock and cash in businesses. The building insurance policy covers the structures of the building(s) from risks such as fire, accidental damage, and riots. Business building policies can offer both contents insurance and buildings insurance depending on the policy and level of cover you choose.

Vehicle Insurance


Now consider company property such as company cars and vans. If you provide the employees with company cars you’ll need to consider commercial auto insurance. This type of insurance covers stolen, damaged, and vandalized vehicles. Commercial auto insurance does not usually cover employee’s personal vehicles even if used for work purposes.

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