Why is an insurance broker better than a comparison site?


Working with a  broker will make you feel confident that you will be taken care of and will always represent your interests. Below we mention reasons as to why an insurance broker is better than a comparison site. 

What is an Insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a professional company. They’re main function is to help and guide clients to find their suitable insurance protection. They act as an agent towards the client and work towards their best interests. Our brokers find the best deal for you. They are experts, you can be certain they fill find the cover that is perfectly suited towards all your needs.

Difference between a broker and a comparison site?

When you use comparison sites you will be searching using a set of questions provided on the website. When you contact an insurance broker you will be talking to a real life person who will learn about your circumstances so that they can find the best policy for your business.

Comparison sites often tend to offer generic policies although a broker will be able to find a policy which will match your needs. Computers cannot use their common sense although an insurance broker could.

Why shouldn’t I use a comparison site?

They can be convenient although they are not the best way to find insurance. Comparison sites are all pretty much generic so if you want your insurance to take into account your circumstances then it would be much better to use an insurance broker. Trevellyan can find you a competitive quote and will save you money. They can take care of each risk unlike looking at answers on a standard online form

In fact studies show that 79% of customers have gotten a cheaper quote over the phone then on a comparison site. Our experts at Trevellyan take time to understand your circumstances. They will offer you the best quote proved by the information you give us. – All are the best price.

How we can help!

At Trevellyan Insurance Brokers, we want to help businesses not be at fault, insuring with us today can help you keep you secure and safe in your hands. We make sure that you are covered and also keep you insured.

We can offer you a quote that is suitable for you and right for your business.

Contact us today on 0207 537 6603 or leave us an email at info@trevellyaninsurancebrokers.com

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