Commercial Combined Insurance

All sorts of unforeseen circumstances can affect a business. This is why commercial combined insurance is a must for the majority of businesses, no matter what their size.
This single insurance policy is able to provide complete business insurance solutions for your company by offering you cover for a range of losses that may arise from various types of causes. Insurance cover to meet your business needs.

Commercial combined insurance draws together a range of features to give you bespoke business insurance cover which will fit in with your business requirements. You can select from a variety of covers which include the following:

Buildings insurance cover

Buildings insurance will protect your business against such things as fire, flood and other eventualities and so it is a necessity for any business, whether in the motor trade or the hospitality industry.
It is important to insure the buildings for the full cost of rebuilding rather than the market value price. When you choose this type of insurance you can also take advantage of optional extras like subsidence cover.

Employers' liability insurance cover

If your business employs people to work for you, on a temporary, voluntary or permanent basis, then you need to get employers' liability insurance. This cover is offered with the various policy types available in order to comply with legal requirements. It will also protect you should you be legally liable in the event an employee is injured or their property damaged while at your place of work.

Public liability insurance cover

This will provide legal liability cover for costs and damages resulting from bodily injuries or death to members of the public, or damage to their property. Public liability insurance will give you the cover you need so that you no longer have to worry about such claims being made against the business.

Product liability insurance cover

Product liability cover may not be something that is legally required but it can form an integral part of a business insurance policy, especially when your work involves the manufacturing or supply of goods to a third party. When you decide to take out this insurance you can rest assured that your legal liability for the products laid out in the policy will be taken care of.

Stock cover

The stock kept on your premises can be worth a great deal of money. It is important that you make sure your stock is insured against the same risks you insure the rest of your premises against.

Machinery & plant cover

The construction industry necessarily involves a number of risks. Plant machinery is designed to withstand a great deal, but that doesn't mean that things cannot go wrong. Insuring machinery against damage or theft is crucial.

Contents/computers cover

Proper cover for expensive contents on your premises is a must for your business. Office equipment like computers are worth a great deal and are considered high risk as far as theft is concerned.

Gross profit cover

It is important to make sure that you are covered for loss of gross profit in the event that an insured occurrence results in an increased cost of operations or a reduction in turnover.

Goods in transit cover

If you use a courier or deliver goods to partners and clients then you should insure those goods whilst they are in transit. This accounts for mishaps that occur when your goods are en route to their destination.

Money cover

It is also possible to insure the money that you deal with on site. Cash, credit card slips, cheques and bankers' drafts can all be covered with money insurance.

What is the right commercial combined insurance for you?

These insurance policies have been designed for many different types of businesses that operate in a multitude of industries. In order to discuss what you need and find the best policy for you and your business make sure you give us a call today. As an independent insurance broker, we can call on a panel of top UK insurers who will be able to provide you with premiums at competitive rates.

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