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Rent guarantees, this is a dream but gives people a dopamine rush. My point that will be discussed is rent guarantee, what to look for as a landlord and the limits of rent guarantee.

What is rent guarantees?

Rent guarantee insurance is something every landlord needs.  Your property as a property owner, if your tenant could be unable to pay their rent. However, this is most reliable if the tenants are having tough times, which could make them end up in financial difficulties, which can result in arrears. Normally, it takes up to 40-42 weeks to evict an existing tenant; that’s ten months.

What will rent guarantee insurance cover?

As for covering the rent,  the months varies but it’s normally from 6 to 12 months, a rent guarantee insurance policy could also cover the following:

  1. Legal expenses or any type of disputes that relate to the recovery of arrears, or even repossession.
  2. Access to a panel of solicitors who can offer legal advice on a variety of services or not lettings.

What isn’t covered by the rent guarantee?

It is important to read the small details of your policy/insurance to check what is excluded. There are a few things that wouldn’t be covered.

  • Deferrals periods– you’ll typically find you won’t be covered for the first month of arrears. You may also be unable to make a claim for a set period, after taking out of the policy that you will have. You should check the details of any deferral periods before taking out insurance. This is one thing that doesn’t support a rent guarantee
  • The defaulting tenant leaves– If you happen to evict, it won’t be covered for the first month of rent arrears. You may also be unable to make a claim for a set period after taking out your policy. You should check the details of deferrals periods, before the time you take out the insurance period. This is not covered for rent guarantee insurance
  • You decide to sell your property – if you reach breaking point or have financial difficulties, you likely find that your rent guarantees will stop paying out.
  • Different types of tenants– you may find the insurance providers will not include certain types of renters. For instance, people who are unemployed or have benefits but, the exception is students, may be excluded from the cover you have, as they have a risk of higher risk to make them the default on their rent. There should be tenant reference when possible, as there are going to be possible exclusions for a tenant.
  • Commercial properties– If the property is used for the business then need to arrange another type of cover.
  • Contact disputes– You won’t normally be covered for any legal costs if you and your tenant enter a fight over the terms/conditions of the rental contract.

How much does rent guarantee insurance cost?

The cost of rent guarantee insurance depends on different things, some of which can affect the price of cover tremendously. For example the type of property you’re renting out; take things into consideration things such as the location. The different people you’re renting to will affect all of the rental income you normally will earn. For instance, the cost of insurance, as you need a higher or lower level of protection.

What to look out for as a landlord

If you’re already a property owner or you’re thinking about purchasing a property, there are lots of things to consider. As well as protecting your income, it’s critical to think about your property location, your buy-to-let property, how you will take care of the property owner, and finding the right tenants as an owner of the property.

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