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Do you own a gym? If you answered yes, then this blog is for you. You may be in already be aware that you are in need of insurance, or you may not.  It is essential for you to have insurance for your gym. Let us do all the lifting so you can focus on other aspects of your business so that you can prioritise the growth of your business.

This is convenient though as it can cover all your needs. This is for insurance for gym equipment, insurance for the building itself, and other types of insurance too. This will be explained below.

Building Insurance

This is in place so that your buildings are protected. This will be from things like: floods, fires and other problems that may occur. As this might happen, this is absolutely necessary to have in place no matter the industry. Including the gym too.

Employers Liability Insurance

At the gym you have employees. Some of which are personal trainers, instructors, administration staff and any other staff that are employed by your company. This covers any employees that are employed on a permanent, voluntary or even temporary basis.  If an employee ends up being injured, this will cover that.

Public Liability Insurance

Legal liability covered for the damages and costs which may result in death or injuries to any members of the general public. This is convenient as any claims made against the business are covered under this policy, making your life a little easier.

Product Liability Insurance cover

This covers not a legal requirement to have, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. This is beneficial to anyone that manufactures or supplies good. Yes, this does mean your merchandise, supplements, drinks and snacks are covered.

Stock cover

The stock that you have on site can accumulate to a lot of money. This means that you have to have all of the stock insured too.

Machinery & Plant cover

There is machinery you need at the gym that the members use. Even though they can withstand a great deal, something can happen to the equipment. Insuring them is vital just in case the equipment is damaged or destroyed.

How we can help!

At Trevellyan Insurance Brokers, we want to help businesses not be at fault, insuring with us today can help you keep you secure and safe in your hands. We make sure that you are covered and also keep you insured.

We can offer you a quote that is suitable for you and right for your business.

Contact us today on 0207 537 6603 or leave us an email at info@trevellyaninsurancebrokers.com

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