How Halloween can raise your insurance!

Halloween & Insurance

Halloween is upon us…There is an increase in crime, vandalism, or even drunk driving. These things will increase the price of insurance. however, the most dangerous thing is drunk driving and the danger that it brings. This blog will show you the effects of these types of crimes on your business how it will affect your insurance such as motor business insurance. Also, the best practices to avoid damages to your properties.

Apart from motor business insurance. Is there any other?

Halloween has become one of the most popular traditions internationally. This will affect all kinds of insurance from motor fleet insurance: when a business owner has multiple vehicles for deliveries. Another type of insurance that could be affected is property owners, the reason why it could be affected is that property owners are more susceptible to vandalism. These insurances have been affected the most.

Vandalism and motor insurance

However, many Halloween-related “pranks” are harmless made by children such as toilet paper or pumpkin smashed, some of the insurers claim data indicates that plenty of vandals will strike on the night of Halloween.

In a traveller’s insurance reports that last year vandalism-related motor insurance claims were reported on a daily. Claimers’ data shows a 29% spike in vandalism and theft claims when compared to the same date of the week just one week before and one week after Halloween. This is the main reason motor insurance has increased significantly because of the damages done to your fleet.

Car thieves can affect your business insurance!

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for stolen cars, according to data that was most up to date. In the last seven years, there was an increase in stolen vehicles. Halloween typically lands in the top three parts spots for car thefts on holiday. In a previous year from 2015 to 2016, most car thefts occurred on Halloween. Nevertheless, the lowest number of car thefts on Halloween was around 2012 with approximately 2,053. The increase of business motor insurance will affect it tremulously.

Drunk driving plays a role in Halloween Traffic Fatalities

Drunk driving has caused trauma and pain. Hence, Drunk driving has fallen by a third in the last three decades.  Almost 30 innocent people have died from drunk driving. Halloween usually has an uptick in drunk driving fatalities, according to the department of transportation. There were 158 people killed in driving crashes on Halloween between 2013 and 2017. An average of 32 deaths each year is due to the number of traffic fatalities that happen on Halloween night. One of these deaths is caused by drunk drivers. Consider this factual evidence before delaying your insurance.

 Tips for your business and reduce your business insurance 

One of the most effective ways to reduce crashes & accidents is to keep your cars in secure and safe places. Secondly, it will be cheap to insure your fleet a week or a few weeks before. Lastly, this might be not something that you want to do but have fewer delivery drivers or vehicles out on the road.

Halloween is the most traumatic day for civilians

Halloween is one most kid-friendly but has many dangers. An estimated 41 million kids went trick or treating in 2018 according to the most recent data from the UK. That seems like a pretty solid rate, considering there were 48 million kids in the UK between the ages of 6 to 17 in that same year. kids and adults are out on the streets, the risk of car accidents will increase business motor insurance involving pedestrian deaths was Oct.31 and Nov. 1 (after midnight on Halloween), according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

However, children are twice as likely to be hit or worse be killed on Halloween. Moreover, drunk driving will cost people their careers, family, and most of all it will cost their insurance.  We are here to think of business motor insurance or fleet insurance. According to the road safety council, this happens more than any other day.

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