What Insurance Do Bricklayers Need?

Bricklayers' Public Liability Insurance

The Bricklayers profession is currently growing year on year. If you offer Bricklaying as part of your business or if you’re a sole trader, you should consider getting the right insurance policy. Bricklaying isn’t the riskiest job roles in constructions sites although any job that is in that industry has a higher risk than an average profession.

Some Bricklayers insurances include:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Being a bricklayer means that people will pass or even enter your site whether they should do or not. Frequently the case is that you would be working on properties belonging to a member of the public and that could cause a risk of damaging their property. Furthermore suffer an accident on their site. They could pursue a claim towards you or your company if they have suffered an accident or their property is damaged. That is where insurance policy plays a role. It is an optional cover which provides protections against the costs of any damage or injury.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you have employed anybody then it is a legal requirement to have an employer’s liability insurance. It must be for a minimum of £5million although often your insurance policy can offer more than that. Often more senior roles mean that they would be expanding their business and would be hiring more employees.

Tools and Equipment

It’s worth looking into tools and equipment insurance if you’re using expensive or special tools. The Bricklayers insurance claim will cover the value of the equipment in case your tools are lost, damaged or stolen. It’s a good idea to know the value of your equipment you use and how much it costs to replace them.

How we can help!

At Trevellyan Insurance Brokers, we want to help businesses not be at fault, getting bricklayers insurance with us today can help you keep you secure and safe in your hands. We make sure that you are covered and also keep you insured.

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