The Advantages of Having a Fleet Insurance Policy

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Fleet insurance is as the name would suggest, cover for all your vehicles (the fleet) under the convenience of one policy. However, you will need at least two vehicles to be considered for a fleet policy. If your business has more than one vehicle and you want to save time and money, then you may be better off covering all your cars, bikes, vans or trucks with a single fleet vehicle insurance policy.

What are the advantages?


Fleet insurance can have several benefits for your business including;

  • It’s less hassle: Fleet insurance is easier to keep track of as you will only have one renewal date and one policy to worry about. This can easily be added or taken off your policy throughout the year!
  •  Lower cost: Ensuring your vehicles under a fleet policy will usually work out not only but also considerably cheaper than insuring them on an individual basis.
  •  Any driver options: Fleet can be insured in such a way that it allows anyone with your permission to drive your vehicles. However, this makes life a lot easier and is equally as important you needed to switch vehicles or borrow a vehicle to someone unexpected.

The main advantages of fleet insurance are that you can potentially have anyone who holds a valid UK license within your company.
However, the relevant insurance criteria are based on age, driving history, convictions and more.

More Reasons to choose fleet insurance?

Are you still looking for more reasons to get a Fleet insurance quote? Here are some additional features and advantages of our Fleet Insurance products:

  • One insurance policy can cover all of your vehicles
  • Up to 3 or more vehicles on a single policy
  • We have access to some of the best fleet insurance rates in the UK
  • If you have an established fleet with a good claims experience
  • Add your private car and other business vehicles to the policy for complete control
  • Flexible payment and instalment options available
  • We are specialist fleet insurance brokers



How We Can Help

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