Office Insurances is designed to cover your business against risks which you are exposed to on a daily basis. Coverage includes risks such as fire, flood or burglary all the way through to a member of the public falling over and injuring themselves.

Office policies typically include the following:

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the main structure of your property. If your building were to burn, or be damaged by extreme weather, your buildings insurance policy covers the costs of rebuilding or repair.

Employers Liability Insurance

Required by law if you have employees, this type of insurance protects you from claims from staff who have been injured or made ill at work through the fault of your business.

Public Liability Insurance

The nature of your business may mean that customers will be visiting your premises, and if they happen to have an accident and injure themselves whilst there, you might end up facing a claim if it was your fault.

Products Liability Insurance

Products Liability covers accidental injury to the public or accidental damage caused by products supplied by your business.

Office Contents Insurance

Provides All Risks cover for loss or damage to office contents.

Business Interruption

Helps you keep your business going if it is interrupted by a cause covered by the Office Contents section. Cover is for loss of Gross Profit due to a reduction in turnover.

Money Cover

This covers loss of business money and can include theft by employees.

Legal Expenses

Cover can be arranged for Employment Disputes, Tax Protection, Legal Defence, Contract Disputes, Debt Recovery etc.

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