Short Term Hire and Reward Van Insurance

Announcing the launch of our new commercial vehicle scheme for Carriage of Goods for Hire and Reward

GoShorty are now able to offer short-term van insurance providing cover for the Carriage of Goods for Hire and Reward, which is specifically designed for individuals wishing to use their van for delivery or courier purposes, whether this be a one off occurrence requiring not allowed under their annual insurance, or to complete multiple deliveries using the flexibility of short-term cover.

Having the right insurance is a legal requirement as most van insurance policies will not cover delivery driver or courier use as standard.

Cover starts from 1 hour up to 28 days so you only need to pay for the time you need

When would my customers need this type of insurance?

Borrowing a commercial vehicle to make deliveries

    • Parcel delivery
    • Food delivery
    • Seasonal business peaks
    • Special events or promotions
    • One-time deliveries
    • Contract work
    • Ad hoc / emergency deliveries
    • Trial periods or pilot programmes

How do my customers get this type of insurance?

  1. Go to our van page and enter the registration of the vehicle they wish to get cover for.
  2. Under ‘Vehicle Usage’ select the ‘S,D,P + carriage of goods for hire and reward’ option

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. Can I purchase this schemes for cars too?
  • Hire and reward is currently only for van and there is not an option for car.
  1. Can the vehicle be modified?
  • No, it cannot be modified other than for the addition of manufacturers’ optional extras, signage, roof racks, ply lining or interior storage
  1. Will it cover a refrigerated van? i.e. will this be class as a modification?
  • Good news, refrigerated vehicles are ok for this scheme.
  1. Can you use this for public/private hire use and the carriage of passengers for hire and reward  –
  • No, these policies do not cover carriage of passengers for Hire and Reward purposes.
  1. Are the goods carried in or on the vehicle covered with a GoShorty policy? 
  • No, there is no cover for any goods carried in or on the vehicle

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