What Type of Bricklayers Insurance Do you Need as a Bricklayer?


What Type of Bricklayers Insurance Do you Need?


What is a Bricklayer/Bricklaying?

Bricklayers/Bricklaying is a skill if it is your chosen profession you may want to have specialised insurance in place, however, it makes it easier to get all of the covers you need in a single policy. Look, Bricklaying isn’t the riskiest construction role but like any job in this industry the higher the risk is popular than your average profession so it is a must you have the right insurance in place.

Bricklayers' Public Liability Insurance

Type of Bricklayers Insurance 

  • Public liability insurance 
  • Employer’s liability insurance 

How does Public Liability Insurance affect Bricklayers?

Some members of the public could pass your site or even may enter, It is often also the case that you work on sites (properties) that belongs to member/members of the public, which may cause a risk of damage to their property . However, if they suffer threw an accident or their property is damaged/destroyed, then the possibility is high of them choosing to pursue a claim against you/your company. With public liability insurance, there is an optional cover that provides protection to any costs that are associated with the damage or injury as far as a court claim!

How Employer’s Liability Insurance affect Bricklayers

As a Bricklayer, you may or not have employees, at times professional Bricklayers expand their business to take on a higher role after the years of experience. If you employ anybody then you are required to have an employers’ liability insurance. It covers you and if any employee was to fall ill or have an accident at work there would be compensation due to the (Tradesmen) employee.

How Contractors’ All Risks Insurance can affect Bricklayers

Contractors All risk Insurance could be relevant for bricklayers with its policy which mainly works with constructions professional option to have in addition to their regular public liability insurance.  Contractors All Risk insurance specifies tools and equipment and ensures that it is covered if they are lost, stolen or damaged. The majority of Bricklayers have a range of tools and equipment which is necessary for their business with an all-risk policy that could help you and your business needs and removes the stress of replacing all your equipment in the worst scenario.

Why is Tradesmen Insurance Necessary?

Tradesman Insurance is important for many reasons, including:

  1. It could be necessary for work contracts. It therefore could make all the difference between getting a job or being passed over in another business.
  2. Gives Tradesmen with Tradesmen insurance their clients a peaceful mind. Clients know they are covered if something were to go wrong. Tradesmen with Tradesmen insurance know they have some level of protection if a claim were made.

What is tradesman liability insurance?

When you are a tradesman, you and your company may be held financially liable for the costs of any accident caused by you or one of the contractors you employ. By choosing to get Tradesman Insurance which includes public liability cover, you will receive protection against any sort of damage you or your contractors cause on the property of the client. This insurance policy can even offer protection in situations where a member of the public is injured because of the work you do too.

Besides protecting your business against claims made by customers for accidental injury or property damage, public liability insurance is also a great way to improve the reputation of your business.  In fact, many customers will now insist on seeing proof of your tradesman’s public liability insurance before you will be able to work on-site.


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