Terms and Conditions

This product is designed for the majority of Tradesmen & Contractors where the primary cover is for Third Party Liability, with the ability to include Employers Liability, Tools cover; Contract Works cover; Plant (including Hired in Plant) cover; Personal Accident benefits and Commercial Legal Expenses. Trade-specific coverage such as Hair & Beauty Treatments, work at height or depth and the application of heat are also made available as required. To obtain a quotation you must be able to confirm the following statements are true:

  • You work only in England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, or Isle of Man.
  • You do not directly or knowingly supply goods or services to the USA or Canada.
  • You do not own, lease or rent any business premises, other than storage facilities or office premises for which no cover is available under this contract.
  • The number of persons working in the business does not exceed 10.
  • Your turnover does not exceed £10m
  • There are no current, ongoing or potential matters that you are aware of that will give rise to any legal or contractual disputes.
  • The business does not undertake and has never undertaken any work:
    • involving the disposal of fumes, effluent or other harmful waste
    • in or on aircraft operational areas, chemical works, gas works, nuclear installations, offshore installations, petrochemical works, power stations or railways