Property Owners risks

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Get covered for:

  • Fire
  • Escape of water
  • Loss of rent
  • Glass
  • Storm damage
  • Landlord contents
  • and more

    Property Insurance


    The building itself is insured against most risks such as flood and fire for the cost of repair or rebuilding. Risks such as terrorism or subsidence can normally be purchased as optional extras from most insurers. This is will make your property safe and secure and makes you rest assured that it will be protected.

    Building Property Insurance
    Property Insurance

    Landlord’s Liability Insurance


    Landlords are responsible for the safety of the property that your tenants are living in. Should a tenant harm themselves due to something dangerous in your property they can claim against you for damages. For example, a tenant may trip on loose carpet and falling as a result. The Landlord Liability cover will pay for any damages that are awarded to the tenant as well as all legal costs.

    Public Liability Insurance


    This will provide legal liability cover for costs and damages resulting from bodily injuries or death to members of the public, or damage to their property. Public liability insurance will give you the cover you need so that you no longer have to worry about such claims being made against the business. This will also apply if you injured a citizen or damaged public property on accident.

    public liability Insurance