Landlord Package, all your needs in one place (20% OFF)

Are you a Landlord? Then this Landlord package is great for you.

Are you a Landlord? Then this Landlord package is great for you. When you are letting or renting a property, there is always an element of risk. You never know how your tenants will treat your property. Prevention is better than cure, but in some instances they may no way to prevent it as you never know. When this is the case its best to prepare. Failing to prepare, would mean that you prepare to fail.

Don’t let this be you! In our Landlord Package, this covers: Landlord’s liability insurance, Property insurance, Landlords Contents Insurance. What these are will be further explained, we understand that knowing what each of these means isn’t common. Don’t worry. At Trevellyan, we are here to help and guide you through every step of the way, so that you can do what you do best, whilst we take care of what we are experts in. Win win situation.


The specifics

Landlords’ liability insurance covers the safety of the property at where the tenants reside. If the tenant is harmed as a result of something fatal in your property. They have the ability to claim against you for any damages caused. This insurance will cover any legal costs as well as any damage costs.

Property insurance is for the building itself. If there was something to happen such as a fire or a flood, even for rebuilding and repair costs. This is covered by property insurance, so you can rest assured we have you covered.

Landlords/Communal Contents Insurance. Applies to all the contents that you own in the property, but those which may be liable to damages. A few examples of this are: chairs, pictures, sofas, tables, carpets.  Communal Contents is applicable for multiple types of tenants, or those who have properties in communal areas, or even flats.

Now, onto the great news! You can claim all of the above in one package that’s called the Landlord Package, 20% off the total price, so you end up saving money too. You don’t have to bother about claiming each one separately anymore. Convenience, comfort and solutions, here at Travellyan.