Impound Release Insurance

Announcing GoShorty Impound Release Insurance

We’re thrilled to announce that GoShorty has recently expanded our range of schemes and can now offer Impound Release Insurance. The new scheme is available using our quote and buy website, allowing you to purchase cover in under 2 minutes, with instant start available.

What’s the purpose of Impound Release Insurance?

The purpose of an Impound Release policy is to allow the vehicle owner to recover a vehicle from a Police or local authority impound following its seizure. In many cases, the types of clients that have had vehicles impounded represent a higher risk to insurers, so the cover offered by the impound product is intentionally set as the minimum cover required to meet the requirements of the impound, to release the vehicle to its owner.

Key details of the cover provided are as follows

  • 30 day fixed policy
  • Policy holders aged 24 –
  • Third Party Only
  • Insured driver
  • The insured must be the registered owner of the vehicle, or if the vehicle is owned by a lease company they must be the registered keeper and must be able to provide evidence to the impound that they hold a lease in their name for the
  • No policy amendments
  • No refund in the event of a
  • No foreign use

Acceptance under the scheme is wide, with no UK mainland postcode declined, plus no limit of current penalty points on a license, provided a valid license is still held, with a maximum of 10 previous claims over a 5 year period also accepted.

GoShorty allows your motorist clients to:

  • Dedicated referrer URL - keep track of Quotes, Sales & Commissions
  • Ringfence your clients - No Cross Selling Guaranteed
  • GoShorty are Short Term Specialists
  • Best Range of Options in the Sector
  • Market Leading Commissions on Net Earnings

Benefits to your clients:

  • Market Leading Panel of Insurers
  • Wide Acceptance Criteria
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 2-minute Quote and Buy Online
  • Documents delivered straight into customers inbox
  • 1 hour to 28 days durations
  • 4.9 Star ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot Rating

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