Claim your free health check now!


Yes, you read that right. You can claim your free health check with us as soon as possible. Now, you may be asking what is this applicable for. This applies to any type of insurance that you may need as an individual not just for your business.

The health check will be beneficial to you, as a result, you will find out whether you have been underinsured on any of the insurances that you need. We will help you find out if you are missing insurance and not just that. We can provide insurance for those things also. It makes your life a little easier, and that’s what we are about. Ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing that all your assets are insured.

It isn’t just the typical business side of insurance that’s covered. You as an individual, whatever your insurance needs, we will take care of that for you too. Multiple Cars? Specialist Equipment? Gold? You name it and we have got you covered.

Of course, we cover the business aspect too, at Trevellyan we do specialise in certain types of insurance, these are Professional Indemnity, Public Houses, Directors and Officers Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Combined, Landlord Insurance, Shops/Offices/Restaurants, Tradesmen & Contractor, Motor Fleet, Motor Trade, Hotel & Guest Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

If any insurance you are looking for isn’t listed above don’t worry. Challenge us! We will find a way to ensure whatever you may need. We are here to help! You can ensure both sides of insurance with us. It makes things a lot more convenient for you. Your business-related insurance, as well as insurance for your personal needs. One place for them all, that’s us!

At Trevellyan Insurance Brokers, we do our best to help our clients stay protected against any unavoidable issues at an affordable cost. If you have any questions about anything related to insurance, please contact us as soon as possible.