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You heard me right….If your buy 1 insurance and you get other insurance free, I know, I know it come be true just like asda. This deal is that if you’re an HMO property owner and buy the relevant insurance. And then you will get bunch of insurance to choose from. The devil in the details.

The property owner’s liability is only connected to the property and it is similar, hence there is no separate public liability. Let me briefly explain this, this protects you, the landlord, and the owners of the property in respect of claims made against them by legal liability such as injury to a person or damages to a property, this is normally done by an external person.

Public liability insurance Public, yes this type of insurance covers your business if you injured or damaged any public properties, this will cover your legal costs as well pay for any compensation that you have pay.

If it sounds like it is too good to be true then you properly listening to conspiracy theories. We offered you this deal because we care about your physical and mental wellbeing and it is as simple as tying your shoelaces.

In terms of free insurance is can be a range of insurance such as cyber security, car insurance, or even other insurances. So what are you waiting for this is a gift from Trevellyan insurance and don’t worry we have much more deals come on the way.

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