What are the types of van fleet insurance?

Van insurance

Wondering what are the types of van fleet insurance? Read on to find out what it, its uses and which is best for you.

Van fleet insurance

What is van fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is when a business has multiple vans that needs coverage. The insurance company will carry out a single policy tailored to the business needs, therefore making it easy for the business to handle a large fleet.

In addition, the business benefits from a reduced admin as there is only one renewal date and saves on costs from receiving a bulk discount.

Moreover, the business can insure all drivers on every van. This is called ‘any driver policy’ and it enables businesses to run efficiently without the worry of insuring each driver individually on different vans.

What does it cover?


  • Maximum level of cover
  • Covers damage to your own vehicle and third party (fault or non fault accident)
  • Most expensive cover
  • Vans that are used often in a business should opt for this.

Third party fire and theft

  • Covers third party vehicles
  • Protects your own vehicle against damage from fire/theft

Third party only

  • Minimum legal requirement for van fleet insurance
  • Basic level of protection
  • Covers claims against you by third parties
  • Does not include protection for your own vehicle

Fleet van uses

  • Social – visiting family/friends or shopping.
  • Social and commute – commuting to work social such as shopping.
  • Business – carrying work related goods/equipment.
  • Haulage – carrying goods for hire and reward. More expensive (carrying high value items).

In addition, at Trevellyan Insurance we offer large fleets with multiple types of vehicles. However, this is only available for commercial use only.

What are the types of van fleet insurance?DHL Courier Van

Private van

  • For social such as shopping and visiting family and commuting to work use.

Courier van

  • For cargo and business use for haulage.
  • It is usually used by drivers for hire and reward.
  • It covers – damage to van/other vehicles, public liability and employer’s liability.

Commercial van

  • Cover includes: driving to multiple places of work, transporting goods and deliveries.
  • Idea is to minimise loss following damage/theft to the van.

Goods in transit

  • Protects the van and the goods whilst in transit especially in haulage.
  • Also, it covers damage to van/other vehicles, public liability and employer’s liability and the cargo.

Pickup truck

  • Depending on use it can cover private (social/work use) or commercial use (business/haulage).

Modified van

  • Covers vans that had modifications like adding or removing seats.

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