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Are you a property owner? Do you know what insurance you require when it comes to eviction? Look no further, continue to read to find out all the essential information you need to know when it eviting tenants.

The reality of evicting an unexpectedly difficult tenant might take away the glamour of land-lording unless you protect your interests with landlord insurance.


When can you evict a tenant?

The most common reason for evicting tenants is rent arrears. Other reasons could be continuous disruption to neighboring homes. It is always better to resolve disputes without the need for court action. First see if you can reach an agreement with your tenant or help them establish a plan for repaying any rent that is overdue. Make sure you keep a log of any correspondence and that any agreement reached is recorded in writing. If this does not work, here are two possibilities for terminating a tenancy contract:

  1. Section 8 notice: When the tenants have broken the rules of tenancy as stated in the agreement. This usually required two weeks-two months notice.
  2. Section 21 notice: When you want to your property emptied of tenants after the fixed term contract had ended. This requires at least two months notice for the tenant/s to vacate the premises.

There can be a lot of stress and costs incurred by evicting troublesome tenants, with the latest Ministry of Justice statistics recording 32,077 landlord possession claims. It is best to get knowledge on the proceedings early on so you can yourself a lot of hassle.

What is landlord insurance and what does it cover?

Landlord insurance may cover your legal costs and other expenses involved with evicting a tenant from your property. It often includes cover for legal costs and will protect you for loss of rent during the eviction process.  Putting off landlord legal protection in favour of reducing the costs of renting out your property, can store up trouble for the future.

It is necessary that landlords take out specialist insurance, as typical household policies will not provide the level of cover required for buy-to-let properties, particularly when it comes to troublesome tenants. Specialist landlord insurance will not only cover properties against accidental damage, but will also protect against vandalism and loss of rental income by non-payment of rent or periods of in-occupancy. The more comprehensive policies you have under your belt can also cover legal expenses and bringing tenancies to an end.

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