Fleet vehicle insurance

What can you cover with Fleet Vehicle Insurance?

Fleet car insurance (also known as Motor Fleet Insurance) is a type of insurance that helps businesses that center on multiple vehicles to keep all vehicles insured. Fleet vehicle insurance can cover multiple facets and can potentially be complicated, but we here at Trevellyan are here to help.

Who can use Fleet Insurance?

  • Taxi Firms
  • Couriers
  • Long-haul firms
  • Families with multiple vehicles

What is Fleet Insurance?

Those wondering ‘what is Fleet insurance’ need to look no further. Unlike some insurance policies, fleet vehicle insurance is a little broader. There are multiple levels of coverage that you’re able to get depending on the kind of business that you operate. When getting insurance, each policy can be different – tailor-made to the person that is getting it. It is a necessity for all vehicles in the UK to have some kind of third-party insurance. Because of this, insuring multiple vehicles can be a hassle and can accrue a hefty cost!

To ensure that you’re covered for any potential damages to your vehicle, it’s critical to get this insurance. This insurance also differs from regular insurance in the sense that it comes with a no-claims discount. Instead, you adjust the premium based on the total cost of claims tallied over time.

How does Fleet Insurance work?

Fleet insurers can net themselves a large discount compared to normal insurers. Because they’re insuring several vehicles, it’s cheaper and more efficient to insure the entirety of their fleet under one umbrella. It’s not just large fleets that can make use of this, either. Fleet vehicle insurance is available to motor fleets of all sizes, whether your fleet is just three cars, or whether it’s even thousands of cars.

In addition to this, there are even special covers that you can get depending on your business. For example, if you’re a long-haul firm that handles hazardous goods, this insurance could even help to cover you based on that.

What kind of insurance is best for me?

It’s no doubt that insurance can be confusing, especially for those getting it for the first time. Fleet insurers can find themselves with such a wide variety of options to choose from and it can be daunting trying to find out exactly what you need.

We here at Trevellyan are open to all inquiries regarding fleet vehicle insurance. Whether you’re a taxi firm or a courier, our experts are eager to work out the best and cheapest insurance that’s perfect for your business.

How we can help!

At Trevellyan Insurance Brokers, we want to help businesses not be at fault, insuring with us today can help you keep you secure and safe in your hands. We make sure that you are covered and also keep you insured.

As brokers, we can help you find a policy that is at the best price.

We can offer you a quote that is suitable for you and right for your business.

Contact us today on 0207 537 6603 or leave us an email at info@trevellyaninsurancebrokers.com

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