Do you need Product Liability Insurance?


Firstly, before we delve into who needs product liability insurance? What is product liability insurance? This is a type of insurance that covers any cost of someone who has been injured due to a faulty product that had been supplied, designed, or manufactured by your business.

What is covered by product liability insurance?

On a general basis, a few things are covered by product liability insurance. One of them being that personal injury caused via a defective product is covered. Another one that is covered is when there is a fault with your product, however, the quality control implies that it was not diagnosed.

Yes, having person confusedproduct liability insurance is not a legal requirement but you may be wondering, why is liability insurance important? If you or your company is found to be blamed for the death, damage, or injury of an individual this could result in you or your organization being sued. This would be done by making a liability claim. This is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. This would be a nightmare, as it can be very costly and that’s the last thing you want to be paying for. I’ll go onto explain some more instances in which you can be held liable.

If the name of your company is visible on the product, this applies to any sort of promotional product you have sent out too. If your business has changed or repaired the product and this, in turn, causes further damage. The products that you distribute or sell, are imported from outside the European Union. (EU) This will fall on you and not them. When there is an unknown manufacturer this could also apply.  Working with third-party suppliers or when you sell products that are not first but second-hand. Finally, when the company that manufactures your products is out of business, you will be the one held accountable

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