7 Ways You Can Achieve a Cheaper Fleet Insurance

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Everyone is looking for ways they can cut costs when it comes to their insurance. When it comes to fleet insurance, there are different things that can affect the price of your cover. From claims history, the number of cars on your fleet and other factors. But how can you achieve a cheaper fleet insurance quote? Here are 7 ways to keep in mind when you are looking to get a quote from your fleet insurance.


Maintenance of Car

I know what you’re thinking, but I always clean my car that is not the point, this will reduce the car for having fewer breakdowns. An example,  if one of your fleets has cut. You can photo evidence of tire and engine checks to your insurers to reduce the price of your insurance

Keeping your Car safe, get cheaper prices for fleet insurance

Keeping your car fleet or cars safe from vandalism by keeping them in a car park with a camera or sensor.  To reduce the risk of theft and will protect your fleet.

Limit the amount of mileage you have and you will be rewarded with cheaper fleet insurance

Mileage, yes the bane of any driver’s existence but reducing your miles will benefit you in the long run, and you will have cheap van insurance, but it will benefit you in the long run.

Make use of technology

A dashcam can help you reduce your insurance and will benefit any fleet insurance, any driver over 18. Your fleet insurance will go down because your driver will be driving safer and more aware of the situation.

Give a bonus to your workers

I know why I would, you do that because they will take more care and drive safer. This will be better for you, this is because this will help you in the long run because your worker is happy and will take of the fleet

Clean record drivers

Clean record? This will be a dream, but one of the best ways to seriously reduce your insurance because there are no fines or aggressive drivers in your fleet

Electric Car give cheaper fleet insurance

Half machine and half electric, this is weird but trust me in this is will reduce because the vehicle is environmentally friendly. These are all in the way of seriously reducing your insurance.

How we can help!

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