Buildings insurance cover and more; tips for food manufacturers.

Umbrella building insurance cover

Every day, issues and problems befall people without any warning. Such unforeseen circumstances can cause a loss of both time and money, leading to huge issues for businesses. There is such a wide range of issues that food manufacturers have to ensure they are prepared to deal with, which we’ll be going into below.

What problems can food manufacturers have?

  • Damages from fires, floods, storms, other natural occurring problems, or subsidence.
  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Vehicle collisions.
  • Injury to building staff or public persons.
  • Issues with the product.
  • Loss of stock.
  • Damage to machinery.
  • Issues in transit.


How can I protect myself from these problems?

If you are insured against these issues, there is nothing to worry about. But, with how varied these issues are, you’ll need a range of insurance. This is where commercial combined insurance comes in. Commercial combined insurance is a type of insurance that helps to encompass many other types of insurance, such as:

Buildings Insurance Cover

Buildings insurance cover is a way of protecting your place of business from any damages that may come to it. Building insurance cover encompasses fire, flood, earthquakes, and more. Buildings insurance cover is a must-have for any building owners, and is a necessity for hospitals to motor trade – as such, it’s even more integral for food manufacturers.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

There are a variety of unforeseen issues that can happen to your staff at work. Maintenance or cleaning staff could trip and fall, building staff could be injured on scaffolding, or an employee could even slip on a wet floor. All of these circumstances are unforeseen and unfortunate for food manufacturers. However, employer’s liability insurance helps to overcome these issues. Employer’s Liability insurance covers you for these problems.

Products Liability Insurance

Food products have the ability to be extremely fickle. Many consumers complain about even the smallest problems with food that they have. However, it is sometimes impossible to avoid such issues considering how much product you are producing. Products liability insurance helps to overcome this issue; meaning you are not responsible for any issues that customers may have with your product.

Business Contents Insurance

The most important thing kept on the premises for a food manufacturer is the stock. Though, this can lead to a variety of problems, such as theft or damages. But, Business Contents Insurance helps to protect you against these matters.

Goods in Transit Insurance

Transiting goods can be one of the most problematic issues for a food manufacturer. Once the goods have left the premises, it is a lot harder to ensure they stay protected and in top condition. There could be any number of damages or losses that occur while moving your product and goods in transit insurance helps to defend you from any difficulties that this could cause. This insurance is especially important for food manufacturers as keeping your stock insured on the way to a customer is key.

What type of insurance should I get?

With there being so many different types that you require, it is obviously hard to decide which is most integral to your company. Luckily, Commercial Combined Insurance includes Buildings insurance cover, Employer’s Liability Insurance, Products liability insurance, Business contents insurance, Goods in transit insurance, and more. You need to be prepared for all issues when insuring your business. Commercial Combined helps to provide a large range of protection and is necessary, especially for food manufacturers.

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