Benefits of Shopping Around

What are the benefits of
shopping around?

img-1You never know if you have the best deal unless you take the time to shop around as you would do for your motor or household insurance and the same is true for your business insurance. Whether you are a sole trader or a multinational company it does pay to consider alternatives every year.

The insurance market is ever evolving and insurers are forever changing their business appetites, one year they do not consider a certain area of businesses to offer insurance to the next they have relooked the risk to exposure and decide that they will “re-enter” the market. As a good example of this one of the largest insurers, Aviva has recently announced that they will now not provide Professional Indemnity for small to medium companies.

This is worthwhile considering in your decision to shop around as you may think that you have the best product out there but things change!

Is it a lot of work for potentially no savings! At Trevellyan we take the pain out of the process. Mostly we can utilise your current application form and or schedule of insurance, however, there is certain information that is sometimes not readily available in the schedule that is important for us to provide to the alternative insurers in order to get a quotation. In order for us to provide you with the service, you deserve one of our brokers can discuss this with you in a short conversation. This information varies for different businesses, but for example in obtaining a quotation for an office policy information about the building, security, location staff numbers, turnover is required (this is not an exhaustive list). Our brokers will be able to obtain all the relevant information that will enable us to cavass our markets on your behalf then come back to you with the quotations for you to consider the options. If those options are not as competitive or do not provide the depth of coverage that you currently have then you will have peace of mind that you do have the best product available.

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